in the fade

  1. "shut"


  2. First song in my head’s shuffle this morning.

  3. Everybody has different ways of dealing with stress. Some people handle it well, or hold it in. Some people break down or lash out. Sometimes it’s a combination of everything. Being under an enormous amount of stress can do a number on your psyche and make you behave in ways that are not normal for you. 

    So what do you do for that person in your life who is under great stress? How can you navigate around them knowing they are fragile as a thin glass statue on crooked table? Is it up to you to not knock that statue over or is it up to them to stay stable or a combination of both? 

    There are so many external things that make life hard sometimes. But there’s all these internal things as well, things maybe no one sees until you make them external. I think the best way to avoid that happening is to talk about your stress, put it out in the open, let it pour out of you in words so it doesn’t pour out of you in actions. 

    I’m stressed right now. I know a lot of people who are stressed out at the moment. I wish I had better answers for all of us. The only thing I can say is talk about it out loud before it eats you up and changes you or makes you do things out of character. 

    Wednesday morning rambling. 

  4. Here’s a fucking lion in a sidecar riding a wall of death because sometimes you just need a fucking lion in a sidecar riding a wall of death. Look at that fucking lion. Just look at it. 

    Here’s a fucking lion in a sidecar riding a wall of death because sometimes you just need a fucking lion in a sidecar riding a wall of death. Look at that fucking lion. Just look at it. 

  5. Let’s see how bad I am at this thing.

    Let’s see how bad I am at this thing.

  6. tuesday brain dump

    It’s dark and rainy out there and you know what that means. Michele gets mopey and introspective. Oh wait. Michele is mopey and introspective every day. But I’m going to fight it today rather than give in to it. The birds are singing up a storm, so that’s nice. I like hearing the birds sing in the morning . As long as I’m not trying to sleep.

    I’m pretty good with gut feelings. My gut feeling about Todd’s Florida job has been that it’s not the right thing. I don’t feel like the job or the move is right. When I get a bad feeling about things, it’s usually for a reason. It’s my brain doing the DANGER WILL ROBINSON thing, and something just seems very off about this job offer. Like, he’ll take the job and commit to Florida and then everything will go to hell. However, this job in Pennsylvania, I’ve got a really good gut feeling about. I feel like he is going to get an offer on this one and I get nothing but positive vibes when I think about moving to Pennsylvania. My gut is saying this is the one. Now let’s just hope the company thinks Todd is the one.

    Todd has been sick for about two weeks now. He’s got some kind of bronchitis thing going on. Last night in bed he had a coughing fit in his sleep and unfortunately I was sleeping facing him and now I’m just waiting to get sick because I was raised to believe that everything is contagious and if someone coughs in your face you automatically get sick.

    There’s a chance it may snow tonight. Just a little bit, mixed with a little sleet or ice, in the middle of the night. Still, that is some kind of bullshit. It’s April 15th. Shouldn’t winter have made its way to Australia by now? Did its flight get delayed?

    I’ve been stress eating. A lot. I’m getting fat(ter). I’m not working out. Every time I feel stressed, I eat, and I feel stressed all the time. And I’m eating carbs like they are the only thing available. I’m kind of disgusted with myself right now and that’s the last thing I need, to be physically disgusted, when I have so much negativity going on mentally. I need to fix this.

    As if that’s not enough, I started smoking again. I’m on the path to self destruction here. I need to get it together. 

    Things will get better. I’ve been feeling twinges of hopefulness. I feel like something really great is on the horizon. I need to go with my feelings. 

    I think morose introspection would have been better than this brain dump.

    Enjoy your Tuesday. I’m gonna try like hell to do that. 

  7. Re (NSFW)
  8. ‘Only You’ by Portishead is my new jam.
  9. ☛ An Atheist's Easter Season

    Something I wrote last year about Easter, Jesus and Atheism. 

  10. and so the Islanders season comes to an end

    The whole season was like the Christmas I asked for a pony. I had such high hopes and then was utterly crushed when Santa didn’t come through. 

    I’ll get my pony next year.

    Next year. The Isles’ last at the Coliseum. Next season is going to be the longest funeral ever.