in the fade

  1. Good morning.

    Good morning.

  2. I’ve got to be the only person who lies in bed wide awake at 4am panicking about what to make for dinner.

  3. So this happened today.

    So this happened today.

  4. Guess we are having a drill today. If I have no designated to go to does that mean I can go home?

    Guess we are having a drill today. If I have no designated to go to does that mean I can go home?

  5. Despite everything, I still remain happy. Because I have hope and love.

    (See, they are not all depressing, Todd)

  6. My MacBook is broken. Not like half broken and mostly useable like it’s been but broken as in I just get a white screen at startup. I am now typing this on my iPad which I hate doing. There is no point to this post except to bitch about my broken MacBook that I can’t afford to repair (which is tragic because everything I need to work on my 1/100 magazine is on there and I missed this week’s issue ok maybe not tragic but problematic and depressing) and complain about typing on the iPad and wonder when I’m going to catch a break because it seems like life has been one bad turn after another lately. And I know I should feel grateful I at least have the iPad but my entire novel and all my writing is in that MacBook which puts me at a standstill right now. Woe is me, etc.

    Anyway. Onward. The only way to go is forward, right?

  7. The agent is showing our house to someone today. I’m freaking out kinda.

  8. Another day we have a ton of stuff out for special pickup. Another day I am betting Todd they do not take it all.

  9. ella

    Clouds roll in. Dark, threatening clouds. They bring rain and wind. You put up an umbrella and wait it out because you know eventually the storm front moves on and the sun will come out. But you have to use that umbrella to keep yourself from getting soaked. Don’t ever forget your umbrella. And just remember that the sun is always there, even if you can’t see it. You’ll bask in it soon enough. Weather the storm or let it drown you. No one wants to see you drown. Not even you, even though it feels like you do. You don’t have an umbrella? There are always other people who are willing to let you share theirs. Come on under. We’ll wait for the sun together.

  10. The realtor came to appraise the house today. We don’t have to do anything else to it (thank jeebus) and I’m happy with the agreed upon asking price. The photographer is coming tomorrow and the for sale sign will go out front this week. I am so ready to move forward with this thing.

    Of course, there’s the situation where the people who are supposed to move out of the apartment we are going to move into have not moved out yet so if this house is a quick sell we may be homeless real soon.

    Hope my parents’ couch is comfortable.