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  1. I haven’t had much to say, personally, but I did get some messages asking how everything is going and to be honest, everything is going great. I mean, life isn’t grand. We’re still trying to sell the house and Todd is still trying to get a job and we still have to move in October and lots of things are unsettled. But. Todd is being healthy and happy and that means more to me than anything else. To be really, really honest: I feel like I got my husband back after losing part of him for a while and that’s a really good feeling. So I’m just going to go with that and enjoy not having that one dark cloud hanging over our heads. 

    I had a dream last night that my car was stuck in a huge bank of snow. I’ve been thinking about winter approaching and the shorter days and the darkness and snow and horrible weather and it’s making me a bit anxious. I hate winter, I hate what it does to me and I’m not so secretly hoping that Todd lands a job in a place where winter is but a thing that happens to someone else. 

    So all in all, things are ok. I feel optimistic even if I am fretting about the coming winter. That’s something I have no control over so I’m going to try and not let it freak me out, not when I have things to be thankful about at this moment in my life and let me just say I am thankful for such a supportive family and friends, and thankful that Todd is here and getting healthy and for the feeling that good things are just around the corner. Because I do feel that. Here’s hoping. We could really use some good things happening to us. 

    Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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  3. So I’m reading Mr. Mercedes, the latest Stephen King book.

    I’ve loved Stephen King since the early days, back when he had short pieces in Omni magazine. Long time fan. He inspired me to try my hand at writing horror stories and I owe him a debt of gratitude for portions of the novel I’ve completed (but not edited). 

    But sometimes. Sometimes I want to take him by the collar and shake him and say “It’s not necessary to put out 5,000 books a year, Mr. King! It dilutes your product!”

    Mr. Mercedes feels hastily written to me. It’s gratuitous in some parts and tedious in other parts and predictable and borders on being racist in some parts and, well, just plain stupid. But I’m reading it. I’ll get through it to find out what happens to Mr. Mercedes but it’s not an easy read.

    I get so disappointed when a writer I admire puts out something I don’t like and that’s probably not fair to the writer because fiction is art and art is subjective and not everyone is going to like everything. But still, it’s disappointing to read a book that makes me feel like it was just thrown together, like he had an idea and wrote the book all the in the same day. I’m aggravated because I wanted it to be good. 

    I have not read any of the reviews of the book. I rarely read book reviews because I like to form my own opinions. But this did get me thinking about bad book reviews. Because some day soon my novel is going to be done with its final edit and it will be ready to pass on to the agent and my biggest dream is to get it published but my biggest fear is to get it published because what if it gets panned? That would be awful, right?

    Which leaves me wondering if Stephen King reads reviews of his work or even cares at this point what the little people (and big fans) like me think of his books. I wonder how many authors take reviews to heart, or if most of them don’t bother and only have their publishers pass the good reviews on to them. 

    I’m terrified of being booed by a critic or lambasted by readers on Amazon. Do you get past that at some point or is it always there, even when you’ve written a zillion books and had them made into movies? 

    So I sit here not liking the new Stephen King book, and being disappointed about that, but wondering if it matters at all to Stephen King that some random reader from Long Island didn’t like his effort much. I know it would matter to me. 

    Now I feel bad for not liking it.

  4. acmesalesrep:

    Holy hell, Urban Outfitters

    (h/t to @mobute)

    What in the actual fuck.

    This is appalling.

  5. Cris Carter, bringing it.

    See also: Hannah Storm

  6. 35 days, 15 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


    Washington Post: Ferguson tragedy becoming a farce. (Becoming? It has been since day one.)

    This WaPo article is disheartening and infuriating. 

    I’m under the belief we will never see justice here, that Darren Wilson will never be held accountable for his actions. 

    I worry about what’s going to happen when they decide to not indict him. Things are going to explode. And it’s not just going to be black communities expressing displeasure. We’re all going to be livid. 

    This is a travesty. And, yes, a farce.

  7. i scream you scream we all scream for cocks

    i scream you scream we all scream for cocks

  8. ‘A History Of Bad Men’ by Melvins is my new jam.
  9. life in the suburbs.

    life in the suburbs.

  10. Sports.