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  1. Barcelona General Strike - flickr

    We ventured out this morning even though we were told to just stay in today. We found one contingent of the strike marching up La Rambla so we followed them for a mile or two as they shouted slogans and stopped at various banks to plaster the front of the buildings with protest stickers and chant at the people inside.

    There’s nothing much going on around here right now, at least not in front of us. But between the eerie silence of the roadways that’s sometimes punctuate by sirens, whistles, fireworks or the buzz of helicopters overhead and the disquiet that comes when most stores along a busy strip are shuttered, it’s a little surreal.

    There is supposed to be a protest just down the block from our hotel later, so we’ll go check that out then head back to La Rambla tonight to see what we can find.

    You should read up on the general strike and find out what they people of Spain are fighting for. Things I saw and heard today: Better pay for teachers and social workers and the plight of people who are losing homes to banks that were bailed out and they have to keep paying off their mortgage debt even when the banks take their homes.

    Sound familiar?

    Oh, and there’s a 22% unemployment rate here.