in the fade

  1.  Barcelona, Day 5(?)

    Yesterday started with heartfelt coffee and ended with sushi. In between was a lot of walking, walking, walking, seeing parts of the city off our usual path, following demonstrators and just gawking at amazing architecture. 

    When it came time for dinner we once again whined about how quickly we tired of tapas and paella and, not wanting to venture out to where big demonstrations were taking place, we headed back to Port Vell and the shopping center filled with restaurants. We found a great Japanese place and spent a night in Spain dining on sushi, noodles and edamame while Pink Floyd and the Mamas and Papas played on a radio in the background. Then we just sat by the water and looked at the lights reflecting on the sea before we walked back to the hotel.

    Two more nights here. I love vacation but I also get to the point in vacations where I want to be home again. I’m just about there. 

    Today, we conquer a mountain.

    Which will be a lot easier than conquering sleep, something I’ve not been able to do in about a month.