in the fade

  1. hello new followers


    Hi. Welcome. Thanks.

    FYI: I’m a wordy motherfucker prone to vulgar displays of emotion. I’m passionate about everything and sometimes that comes out in 5,000 word blog posts. I write about a lot of things besides politics including, but not limited to: music (here’s my, video games (currently playing Borderlands 2), parenting (two grown children, one of them who tumbls here), sports (come for the politics, stay for the ranting about the NHL!), anxiety and depression, my boyfriend Todd and the things we do together and the horrors of writing a novel and trying to get it published. I post many photos, some of my food, a lot of my dog Lili Von Shtupp and other things (you can peruse my flickr). Oh yea, I’m also emotionally vulgar on twitter.

    Feel free to ask me things. Hope you stick around.

    Reposting because HI SO MANY NEW FOLLOWERS. There are more Barcelona photos here!