in the fade

  1. ☛ i just entered a short fiction contest and you can read it now and recommend it and i think i'm going to throw up.

    “The moments after a snowstorm are New York at its prettiest,” the man says. Dennis is about to agree when the passenger continues his thought: “You should have been there in 1800s, in Manhattan. It would take your breath away. So beautiful.” He sighs wistfully, a man lost in what seems to be his favorite memory.

    Dennis asks because even though he knows he shouldn’t, he is not going to let this one go.

    “In the 1800s, sir? Been there? Do you mean you have you seen pictures? I’m sure they were beautiful.” Dennis didn’t really ask so much as give the passenger an explanation for his words.

    I entered the short fiction contest at @medium. It would be awesome if you could read, reblog, tweet, vote (hit the recommend button) and in general like my story.  Thank you.