in the fade

  1. The National - Baby, We’ll Be Fine

    It was a year ago that my Macbook was stolen and while that may be a weird thing to remember the anniversary of, it’s not so much the stolen Macbook as the timing of it that I remember most.

    A year ago, things sucked. A year ago, I was in upheaval A year ago, I was sad and unsteady and unsure.

    I played this song a lot.

    Everything turned out to be fine. It took months, but it all turned out ok. 

    The first half of 2012 sucked but it at least taught me something: it’s possible to be in a place where everything sucks but where you also learn how to work together to make things not suck so much. 

    I learned we’ll always be fine. 

    I learned to trust that we will always be fine. Even if when it seems like we’re not.

    The second half of 2012 turned out to be pretty damn great. 

    Don’t you wish you could look ahead sometimes, have a little movie play out for you when you’re at a low point, someone narrating that movie telling you, don’t worry, it will all work out?

    But then what would you learn?

    Baby, we’ll be fine.