in the fade

  1. My first Forbes column is up!!

    It’s an introduction of sorts:

    I believe Queens of the Stone Age are the best rock band around. I believe in 80s west coast punk. I believe 80s east coast hardcore is better than 80s east coast straight edge, but not by much. I believe Incubus was a better band before Make Yourself, that John Darnielle is the greatest storyteller in music and that people just don’t understand My Chemical Romance. I believe in remembering my roots and dragging out my Who, Doors and Zeppelin albums every once in a while. I believe in old, scratchy vinyl and the passion of a cassette mix tape.

    Please click, read, reblog, tweet, share on Facebook, whatever. Every click counts and my livelihood at Forbes is beholden to the dreaded page view. So whatever you can do to help me get eyeballs on my page, please help a sister out.

    Remember, this is just an introduction. My next column will be more column-ish (and feature Mike Doughty).