in the fade

  1. Okay, it’s the one thing that’s weird about playing colleges. I’m married, and Peter’s divorced, and so we start talking about marriage and stuff and I know I’m talking to a room full of people who go “Yeah, that’s in the distant future, you know, and I’m not very interested in that right now”…But there may come a day—and y’all who are talking need to hear this—there may come a day when you get married, right, and —yes!—and when you get there, when you get there and you run out of Vicodin, and all that’s left is the cheap vodka because you went to a liberal arts college and you studied poetry. Yeah, and so now, now you’re married and poor and strung out on sleeping pills in Central Florida, and all you’ve got is cheap vodka, and you want to sing love songs to the person you now want to destroy. I want you to know the words when the time comes.
    John Darnielle on Game Shows Touch Our Lives (via goingtopawnee)

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