in the fade

  1. somebody got murdered

    It started yesterday when ESPN’s headline simply read “KC Chiefs player commits suicide” without mentioning that he first murdered his girlfriend and it carried through all the football talk today right up until when CBS, as an afterthought, added “a young lady also lost her life” at the end of their story.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to say that Kasandra Perkins was murdered. Because she was.

    She was the victim. Jovan Belcher is not a victim. He is not the sympathetic character in this story.

    But hey, he’s a pro athlete so let’s all talk about what a wonderful, kind man he was, what a great teammate he was. Let’s shed those tears and never once call him a murderer and never once give any kind of respect to the woman he murdered.

    Kasandra Perkins was murdered.

    She is the victim.