in the fade

  1. ☛ My New Forbes piece: Music for the Metallica Generation: Talking to Mike Doughty About Aging and Music

    So what makes people think that the minute you turn 40 you have to hand in your “cool” card and all your metal records and start listening to nothing but Wilco while sitting in your rocker after Matlock reruns? We are older. Not old. We’re still the people who scrawled pentagrams in the margins of our notebooks, who partied in arena parking lots before shows, who waited outside record stores on new release morning. Not only are we still those people but we still want to do those things. It just seems like no one wants us to.

    I write about the general misconceptions about older people and music, and have a little conversation with Mike Doughty about it.

    Please click, read, share, etc. I am kind of happy with this one.