in the fade

  1. wednesday morning notes

    • I was having trouble coming up with anything for my Forbes column then my editor emailed and said “What are you working on?” and I sent her an email back with six story ideas and suddenly I have too much to write.
    • Today is day five of Todd’s trip to China and of all the long trips he has taken since we’ve been together, this is by far my mentally healthiest, meaning I have had zero angst, zero worries and while I miss him, I am not sitting here pining for him. This is a good thing. This is your brain on Abilify. I like this me. A lot.
    • I have not been to the gym in over a week. I have been eating in a very unhealthy manner. I feel like I am constantly hungry or craving carbs. I’m pretty sure I gained back about ten of the fifty pounds I lost. I need to get back into action and I’m putting this here as a way of being honest about my falling off the diet/exercise wagon and maybe publicly motivate myself into getting back on it.
    • My insomnia is so god awful now that I’m at the point where I’m awake during the night more than I’m asleep and I find myself just accepting it and using the time to write instead of staring into the dark abyss of the night.
    • Even if the constant hunger and insomnia are side effects of the Abilify, I won’t give it up.
    • I wrote and deleted these paragraphs three times because I’m like “no one wants to hear about this shit, Michele,” and then I’m all “This is tumblr. This is where it’s acceptable for every other sentence to begin with “I,” Michele. Go for it.”
    • I need a music meme.