in the fade

  1. My Chemical Romance - You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison

    This is a winter song. I listened to this album one long winter many years ago. I listened to it on repeat not because the words meant anything to me but simply because I enjoyed it. I listened to it so much that eventually it became a living, breathing thing, an entity that hovered over me while I worked my way out of a very dark space. 

    I thought this CD would go in a place with others before it, filed somewhere under “painful memories” and left to die coated in dust on a forgotten shelf in the garage. But it doesn’t remind me so much of those painful days and nights in a black hole as it does fighting to claw my way out of that hole and that’s a good thing. On the tale end of my months of obsession with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge are clusters of bright spots, moments when I could see the light at the end and feel hopeful about everything that light promised. The entity that was this album was more like a companion on a journey of self-discovery than a spectre looming above me. 

    So it’s ok when a song from this album randomly pops up on shuffle. There’s that first, small pang of “Oh god, remember…” but that dissipates quickly when I remember how I felt when my obsession with Sweet Revenge moved on to something else; it became just an album to enjoy, just as my life was becoming a thing to enjoy as well. 

    Besides all that, this is a pretty good song.