in the fade

  1. We had so many volunteers show up today to wrap gifts for Sacks for Sandy. Originally, I thought we would be there until tonight wrapping presents but so many people showed up and worked their asses off that we were done by 4pm. 

    Everything went so smoothly, you would think we had a plan of attack when we started. We didn’t. People just took over, saw what had to be done and did it. Some took charge, some eagerly waited to be told what to do, some did a little of everything. We had wrappers, labelers, tapers, cleaners and movers. We had old, young, Girl Scouts, family members, total strangers and even someone I went to high school with. Everyone worked together for a really good cause (and for some donuts and coffee, of course).

    My favorite moment was walking Leah around using facetime so I could introduce her to everyone and let her see what was going on because if not for Leah, Sacks for Sandy would not have happened. Thank you for being so inspiring.

    I’d like to thank the Nassau County Firefighter’s Museum for donating not just the space we used today, but for all the help they gave us in packing up, organizing and cleaning up, and for the smoke detectors they gave to everyone who volunteered today. 

    Today was a good day. I love when people make good things happen. Thank you to everyone who had a part in this. 

    The real payoff comes Monday when we hand the gifts off to the firemen who will distribute them to kids who have not had much to smile about since Sandy.

    You did a good thing, everyone. I can’t thank you enough.