in the fade

  1. lafix wrote...

    After having recently switched from Android to iPhone, what is your assessment? the most glaring differences? Is there anything you miss about the Android? I am the curious.

    I miss the weight of my Thunderbolt. I miss the feeling that my phone is indestructible. I miss the size of the screen. I miss the free wireless tethering and all the other goodies that come with having a rooted phone.

    That said, I love my iPhone. When I said to the guy at Verizon that I hoped wouldn’t have trouble figuring the phone out he said “You’ve been using a rooted Android. The iPhone is going to seem like a toy.”

    And it does, kind of. A good toy. A fine toy. A fine toy with a really nice camera.

    Despite it’s seeming fragility, I’m really liking it.