in the fade

  1. life lessons at 4am and years too late

    • You can’t get everyone to like you
    • People will object to things you write, think, say and do. That’s ok
    • Your opinion may not always be the popular one
    • Sometimes you will be wrong about things
    • Don’t try to befriend the entire world
    • Defend yourself instead of apologizing for yourself
    • It’s ok that people don’t agree with you
    • It’s ok to disagree with other people
    • It’s especially ok to disagree with other people’s opinions of you
    • Don’t back down from your beliefs just to make peace
    • Own your words
    • Don’t appease for the sake of ending an argument
    • Being honest is better than being liked on the basis of dishonesty
    • If you’re going to criticize, learn how to accept criticism in return
    • Develop a thicker skin
    • You can’t get everyone to like you. And you shouldn’t want to