in the fade

  1. Let them pray

    Maybe, like me, you’re an atheist. Maybe you’re agnostic. Maybe you just don’t believe in the power of prayer. That’s ok. We are all different people with different beliefs. 

    So why don’t we all take a step back and lay off the beliefs of others? What business is it of yours if people are praying for the families of Sandy Hook? If that’s what brings them comfort, if that is what makes them feel less helpless, let them have that. They are doing no one harm by praying for them. Maybe the families are even thankful for the prayers. Don’t profess to speak for them by saying prayers are useless. If they make even one person feel comfort, it’s not useless. 

    Just because we don’t believe does not mean no one else should believe. It doesn’t mean we have the right to tell people their faith is misguided or misplaced, especially when we are not the ones the prayers are for.

    Thank you.