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  1. ☛ christmas retail hell: a horror story (Or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the meatmen)

    My latest at the Full Moxie, the sordid story of working in a record store during the Christmas season.

     So many dropped jaws and wide eyes as parents spied the cover to Quiet Riot’s Metal HealthThat’s what my child is listening to? Oh My God! He’s a devil worshiper! I knew it!! Or Suicidal Tendencies? OH MY GOD MY BABY IS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF! If a parent annoyed me by asking me to “suggest something” for a kid I knew nothing about, I’d go to great lengths to find albums with the most horrific artwork, or the most offensive names. Yes m’am, I’m sure your son would just love a copy of Crippled Children Suck by the Meatmen!