in the fade

  1. in which 90% of tumblr will hate me.

    The trend of championing the causes of others by means of apologizing for who you are.

    It’s a thing.

    I don’t know if it’s just something I see on tumblr because of the people I follow or if it’s a wider trend outside the internet but I find it disturbs and confuses me to see people, whether they be white, straight, male or a combination of such posturing that they are inherently prejudice or just plain awful people by virtue of how they came out of their mother’s vagina. That if you are born male you are automatically a patriarchal would-be rapist woman hater or if you are white you are inherently a racist asshole. And then spend your days apologizing for being something you really are not but current social constructs lead you to believe you are. 

    Just as being gay doesn’t make you hate straight people, being straight doesn’t mean you are necessarily out of tune with gay issues to the point of being deaf about them, or if you are thin and fit that doesn’t mean you specifically think all overweight people are just lazy overeaters. By prescribing these things to yourself as if they were norms, you are engaging in the same kind of stereotyping you claim to be championing against, by saying all people who are X are X. 

    And to self-identify as a race you are not or to claim to know the hardships of identifying as gay or trans-gendered when you are neither is almost an insult to the people who causes you claim to be supporting.

    Guess what. You can be anti-racist without being black or self hating as a white person. You can be into women’s rights without constantly apologizing for being male. 

    I don’t get what is happening here.