in the fade

  1. gain.

    At the beginning of every new year, we talk about losing.

    We are going to lose weight. We are going to lose bad habits. We are going to lose toxic friends, emotional baggage and unhealthy attributes.

    We start off every year thinking about what we are going to lose. The negative connotations are there. I don’t like myself the way I am. I am not good enough. I need so much improvement. I am not who I want to be. We talk like we need to shed the skin we are wearing instead of learning how to be comfortable in that skin. We talk as if we need to spend the year becoming someone or something else instead of learning to love who we are. We talk too much about losing.

    Maybe we should think about gaining instead.

    What am I going to gain this year?

    I am going to gain a better outlook.

    I am going to gain a healthier body.

    I am going to gain confidence.

    I am going to gain a better sense of self.

    I am going to gain direction.

    I am going to gain friends, knowledge and peace with myself.

    We can take the hardship and negativity out of every ounce of resolve we put into our goals for the new year and turn them into something positive.

    Let’s not go into the new year thinking of the bad things we want to lose. Let’s talk about all the good, healthy things we are going to gain.