in the fade

  1. open areas 2013: less of me here, more of me there

    This is what my tumblr will be in 2013. A 365 project.

    Aside from the times I tell you about things I’ve written, there will be one post here a day. It will be a photograph. With that photograph there will be words, which may be a 100 word story or long winded prose or something in between. The photograph may be new. It may be taken with the Nikon or the iPhone. It may be an old photo, re-processed and manipulated, as I am fond of doing.

    There may be days I don’t post at all but that is the nature of my 365 projects, always. They end up being something like 247 projects. Which is ok.

    And that’s pretty much what will be here each day aside from my self-pimping of my writing outside of here.

    My absence other than this one post is a good thing. It means I am writing other places more. The less you see of me here, the more I am writing elsewhere (or editing or rewriting), the more successful I am becoming at making a partial living as a writer.  Be happy for me when you see me not writing here at all. That means I’m busy writing something else.

    I’m doing this little project because a) I still want to be part of this community and b) it will keep me writing things besides those things I get paid to write, which I feel is an integral part of keeping my writing fresh; to write for me a little bit each day. Not posting here ten times a day will also help me to renew and continue my 2012 goal of focusing on and being part of the life going on around me. 

    So this is my tumblr for 2013. A year in words. A year in pictures. A year of capturing what’s inside me and what is happening around me. Which is what I’ve always done, but I’m just streamlining how often I do it.

     A year of minimalizing what I do here in order to be successful elsewhere.

    This is a good thing.