in the fade

  1. Today has been deemed Blue Monday or “The Most Depressing Day of the Year”

    it’s Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Arnall uses a complex formula that factors in everything from the weather to due dates for those Christmas bills to abandoned New Year’s resolutions, mathematically bestowing the dreary honor on the third Monday of January. 

    Fear not. I have read Dr. Arnall’s research and I can tell you why it’s flawed.

    I think Dr. Arnell is just one of those guys whose ego would not be satisfied until he had some weird scientific/psychological mumbo jumbo released in a world wide paper that would be quoted extensively on the internet. I also have my suspicions about where Dr. Arnall was mining his data from. Taking a closer look at the variables, Dr. Arnell has zeroed in a particular kind of person; one who is constantly quitting bad habits and failing; one who always promises herself that she will do more for herself, like exercise or lose weight or get organized, yet fails to accomplish that because she can’t motivate herself and her life is filled with enablers that are not helping the situation; one who spends recklessly, probably buying handbags and hats she can’t afford and justifying those expenses with phone calls to family members who will just agree with her justifications; one who complains constantly about the little things she has no control over, like weather and one whose life seems to revolve around family gatherings and holidays.

    From those obvious criteria, it becomes evident that not only did Dr. Arnell not really study any human beings to come up with his pharmaceutical company-friendly theory, but he based all of his findings upon one entirely fictional person:


    Like I said. Flawed.