in the fade

  1. So I just took a bunch of photos I had on my desktop and put them here to test the new photo posting thing. 

    I like it. I really like being able to drag photos into the post, quite an improvement over the old way of doing things, and I like being able to drag them around to move them.

    As for text posts, I like the new font. The space is smaller but you can expand it (I like a big space for when I’m posting long reads, which is often) and it’s not as confining as I thought at first. You do have to find your way around to look for the features you’re familiar with, but it takes only one or two posts to figure it out. 

    What I do miss is the missing e features. 

    Overall, I think I kind of like the new interface now that I’ve had more of a chance to use/explore it. It’s cleaner and feels a bit more responsive once you get a feel for where everything is. And as someone who posts a lot of photos, I especially like this new feature.

    Oh hey, look at me not complaining about new tumblr things.