in the fade

  1. this is not a picture

    This is not a picture of the mini empanadas we had last night at a fabulous Cuban restaurant. It is not a picture of herb-dusted corn on the cob that was cut into fours and had to be eaten with a knife and a fork. It is not a picture of a perfectly made Cuban sandwich nor it is a photo of sugar cane and lime marinated chicken. It is not a photo of a setting bathed in warm yellows and earth tones, with just the right amount of light to set a mood of comfort and intimacy. It is definitely not a picture of a couple enjoying a night out, talking about everything then talking about nothing and enjoying moments of what felt like solitude in a busy restaurant. It is not a photo of someone so immersed in the quiet perfectness of the evening that she didn’t once think to do her usual thing and take out her phone to capture the moment digitally. This is not a photograph, but a capturing of moment in ideas, a keepsake in words instead of pictures.