in the fade

  1. ☛ Today at Forbes, I give some well meaning if humorous advice to bands: how to improve the arena show

    Maybe it’s from watching Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day”, or maybe it’s because last night I watched “The History of the Eagles.” Or maybe because I’m listening to “Freebird” for some untold reason. Whatever the reason, I’ve been giving great thought to the arena/stadium rock show and how those shows today seem like a throwback to a time before small venues named after corporate entitities became the place to see bands play live.

    I think we should bring back the arena/stadium show, the kind with big lights and pyrotechnics and the division between those with floor seats and those with assigned seating. You know, the kind of show where you hang out in the parking lot for an two hours before the concert starts buying bootleg t-shirts and screaming things like “Judas Priest rocks!

    However, there are a few caveats, just some minor quibbling with some aspects of the arena show that need to be gone over before we can commence with a comeback. Some improvements, if you will.

    I am just full of good ideas and advice for someone who has never stepped foot on a stage.

    Click, read, enjoy!