in the fade

  1. ☛ My latest at Forbes: K-Tel Records and music discovery in the 70s

    Yea, I wrote 1400 words about K-Tel records. What I want to write is an entire book about each and every K-Tel album I owned.

    I wanted to be the gold prospector of my time, the one who would shout “Eureka!” then invite the neighborhood kids over to hear the awesome British tune I just unearthed on a K-Tel collection. But mostly I listened by myself. because no one wanted to discover the disco. No one wanted to discover the great romance songs. They wanted what they wanted. They wanted their 45s, they wanted to play the same songs over and over again (How many times can you listen to “Kiss And Say Goodbye” anyway?) and they did not understand the awesome gift that each K-Tel album was.

    Hope you enjoy this one. Please feel free to share if you do.